12 Secrets to Booking Cheap Airline Tickets

Booking airline tickets is very simple to do, yet we often end up spending more than we expect. All credit goes to airlines as there is no limit to what they charge you for flimsy pillows, meals and luggage. It has been stated by U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics that airlines earned around US $3.3 billion on luggage fees alone in 2011.

In today’s world, everything can be done easily at the click of a button even if you are planning your travel. And we all are familiar with the fact that the most expensive part of traveling is purchasing the tickets. So, it’s important that you should know how to book the cheapest air tickets and the airline. There are number of websites available on the internet which provide different deals and discounts from various airlines. You can compare their fares and book the tickets online as well. For example, Sky Scanner allows you to compare prices and air fares of various best airlines and lets you know the cheapest and reliable deals right at your home.

Therefore, every smart traveler should be aware of the strategies through which they can book the cheapest flights. Here, we provide you top 12 secrets to booking cheap air tickets.

1. Leave on a Wednesday and Book on Tuesday:

It can be found on the Fare Compare website that Wednesday is the best day to fly and Tuesday is the best day to book your airline tickets. The days with more empty seats offer great discounts to travelers in order to fill the plane- meaning they’ll release more and more seats at their lowest price point. So, book on Tuesday around 3pm, as it is the best time to purchase cheap air tickets.

2. Utilize Social Media:

There are many airlines, especially Jet Blue that has been revealing its blasting fares through Social Media. So always check your Twitter or Facebook and try to be faster as many deals can be gone within few hours.

3. Sign-up For Free Alerts:

You should open an account on AirfareWatchdog.com, so you’ll be regularly pinged and get alerts when airfare prices fall and get some amazing deals.

4. Search Special Offers via FlightFox:

AirfareWatchdog website basically depends upon a travel agent to extract some excellent deals for you. But FlightFox utilizes several experts, known as ‘Flight Hackers’ to put all their efforts on your behalf. The site costs only $29 and the fee is absolutely refundable.

5. Search for Deals Early in the Morning:

Early morning is the best time to explore special deals and discounts, said by an expert. So get up early and find your deal.

6. Book Connecting Flights:

If you book a connecting flight, then you could save around $100, according to an expert.

7. Don’t forget to Search your Actual Airline’s Site:

There are several airlines that offer private sales and discounts. So, don’t overlook them and have a glance at all their offers quickly.

8. Never Ignore Small Carriers:

There are many travel search engines which keep smaller carriers at the bottom and it would be silly to overlook them. Note small carriers can also have cheaper deals for you.

9. Fly-out Early:

If you want to avail the cheapest flight, then you should fly early in the morning. This is the best time to slash your tickets cost.

10. Book Six Weeks Early:

If you purchase your tickets six weeks before your flight, then you can actually save 6 percent below the average fare. So book six weeks in advance and pay the lowest price, studied by Airline Airlines Reporting Corporation.

11. Scan Multiple Sites:

Depending on single website to shave down your transport expense would be something not wise. Check multiple sites, including the biggest online tickets-sellers- like Orbitz, Expedia, and Travelocity etc.

12. Become a Frequent Flier:

If you travel frequently, then you can become an elite member of airline’s frequent flier program and get phenomenal discounts on your tickets.

So, next time you fly, follow these suggestions and benefit from the countless discounts available in the market today.

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